Semi Volatile Organic Compounds – An IAQA Tech Tip Video

Semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) may not be as well known as more ordinary VOCs, but they include many pesticides and plasticizers. In this video you’ll learn that SVOCs are common, deleterious to health and difficult to measure.
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By Ian Cull

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Hi – my builder sealed the concrete slab inside the house with surecrete hs 360 which has a VOC level of 600- will it eventually off gas to a normal level?

Hi Ian,

I have been car searching and am having a hard time finding a car I don’t react in whether it’s to the newness of the car or, if preowned and sold by a dealership, the chemicals they use to clean it. I finally found a car at a dealership that hasn’t been cleaned yet, (and if I buy it they are not going to clean it) and it is a 2016 so i was hoping wouldn’t be off gassing. I was hoping 2016 would be old enough, and although the car has absolutely no “new car smell” at all, I still had some irritation (brain fog, ear pressure and slight sinus pain). I have Lyme Disease and I wonder if a two year old car is still offgassing too much for me? Does this even seem possible. The car is a fiat brand and they claim to be pretty aware of aiming to be environmentally on the safer side. Curious if you know anything more specific about cars and offgassing. It’s possible I need like a 10 year old car? The car I have now is a 1996 and doesn’t give me any chemical problems, however, I need to replace it. Thanks!

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