Post Remediation Verification, an IAQA Tech Tip Video

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By Ian Cull

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When taking air sample measurements post remediation what baseline limits should be considered normal and what not. I understand, the outside/inside comparision and certain mold types but can their be a benchmark?

There are no government regulations, ANSI standards, ASTM standards, or even guidelines from any respected organization regarding air sampling results from post-remediation verification. In the absence of any guidance, consultants typically create their own criteria. Some create criteria that is very strict, others are more lenient. But whatever criteria they create, it is basically just their opinion.
Now having said that, there are some cases where it is glaringly obvious that there is still a problem. Comparing the work area to references/controls both outdoors and in unaffected areas of the space is a very common practice. It’s the best thing available considering the absence of any regulations, standards or guidelines.

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