Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-27

  • My latest blog post on Environmental Tobacco Smoke: #
  • I'm heading out to perform an indoor air quality assessment in the home of someone who will be housebound for 3 months. #
  • Today's IAQ assessment uncovered an improperly sloped drain pan, condensation on the drain line, a moldy humidifier pad & more #
  • My latest blog post on indoor #mycotoxins #
  • Just finished teaching a class on IAQ and HVAC in NJ. 36 people were in attendance. Now flying back to Chicago. #
  • Anyone going to the A&WMA Vapor Intrusion Conference Sept. 29-30 in Chicago? #
  • I just watched Harriet Burge's MoldScore video Good explanation of mold sampling limitations #
  • My latest blog article about radon maps #

By Ian Cull

I'm I.A.N. the Indoor Air Nerd. I'm a speaker and consultant on indoor air quality issues. To learn more about me, click "about" at the top of this page.

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