4 Rules to Keeping Documents Organized

Many students ask me how I keep all my books and references organized.  In the technical fields of indoor air quality, HVAC, building science, industrial hygiene and green buildings, you must have a good library.  But a good library is useless if you don’t know how to access the information!

Rule #1: Go Electronic

Information is most easily accessed when it is on your computer.  These days you often have the option of purchasing documents and publications in an electronic format.  Do it.  Sure it is a lot easier to read a printed document than some PDF on your computer.  However, three years from now when you are trying to recall the content, you’ll sure wish you had it electronically.  Let’s say you are trying to remember what Joe Lstiburek said in his ASHRAE Journal column from last year about advanced framing.  You’ll still be digging through some dusty magazines long after I have found the PDF of the article on my harddrive.