Humidity Explained

Each month we publish a newsletter titled IAQ Website of the Month.  The excerpt below was originally published in the April 2009 newsletter.

Humidity is pretty simple, right? Wrong. There are several misconceptions that this month’s featured website tackles head on.

It is critical for indoor environmental professionals to understand humidity. It affects occupant comfort and plays a critical role in the growth of mold and dust mites. Central to an understanding of humidity are the concepts of relative humidity and dew point.

This month’s website was developed by Steve Horstmeyer, a meteorologist in Cincinnati (pictured). I think he does a wonderful job of explaining the complexities of humidity in layman’s terms.

Have you ever talked about air “holding” water vapor? You’ll soon learn to strike that from your vocabulary. Can you explain why evaporation and condensation occurs? I’m guessing you’ll change your answer after reading through the website.

To visit this month’s featured website, click Humidity by Steve Horstmeyer. A special thanks to one of our students, Eric Barker, for submitting this website.

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By Ian Cull

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