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Each month we publish a newsletter titled IAQ Website of the Month.  The excerpt below was originally published in the July 2012 newsletter.

The IAQ profession can often include dirty work.  You may be a consultant poking around a crawl space or a contractor remediating a contaminant in a small space.  These situations may call for personal protective equipment, such as respirators.
There is a considerable amount of confusion regarding respirators, which are regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). To better explain respirators and their requirements, OSHA released new training videos earlier this year.  These videos are a great training tool to learn more about respiratory protection.

Here are some of the updated videos:

There are several other OSHA videos on respiratory protection.  To visit this month’s featured website and view all the videos, go to: OSHA Respiratory Protection Training Videos.

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By Ian Cull

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