Help Me!

If you reached this page, you’re probably having some serious indoor air quality problems. If you live near Chicago, we are able to come out and assess your indoor environmental problem. To get started, check out our website for Chicago based consulting: Indoor Science.

But what if you live nowhere near Chicago?

You can do a phone consultation with Dylan McIntosh.  His standard billing rate is $195/hour but most consultations are a half hour for $98.  If you must speak with Ian Cull, he charges $250/hour and has a minimum of 2 hours.

Most phone consultations result in you saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars by avoiding needless products or services. We don’t sell any products so you will always get an unbiased professional opinion.

If you’re interested, you can book the time today by clicking one of these links:

Or visit this page if you need a mold test in Chicago.