Ozone, An IAQA Tech Tip Video

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Thanks Ian Cull for raisin the bar on information provided online by consultants. I check for ozone generating devices in homes and offices on every inspection even though the clients do not ask for it. I found ozone problems in a few offices and in even more homes.

I have found such problems in:

One home of a famous man in Ocala, he had strong ozone odors because of ozone producing UV lights in several AC units.

One Ex bunny has a similar ozone issue from similar lights in her AC unit.

In two offices near Downtown West Palm Beach and in one Palm Beach mansion I found devices installed inside AC ducts and units. These devices were producing ozone and in each case the occupants were unaware of the presence of these devices.

In all the above cases the odors were quite strong and in several of the above cases the occupants were having health effects that appeared to be related to the high ozone levels.

Some more info on ozone in the home environment from my site.

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