IAQA Tech Tip Video on Respirators

Here is a video on respirators I put together for the Indoor Air Quality Association.

If you have a hard time viewing the video, here is a direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoEp5KGOoak&hd=1

One thought on “IAQA Tech Tip Video on Respirators

  1. OSHA can cite an employer if said-employer has been investigated and found not to have provided adequate respiratory and other PPE, administrative and engineering controls on mold remediation projects. It comes from an application of clarification on the Duty of Care Clause. Under OSHA’s employee protection standards, employers must comply if there is or may reasonably be predicted employee exposure to a violative condition. The term “zone of danger” is often used, referring to “that area surrounding the violative condition that presents the danger to employees which the standard is intended to prevent.” (RGM Const. Co., 17 BNA OSHC 1229, 1234 (Rev. Comm’n 1995)) The OSH Commission adopted this “reasonably predictable exposure” test after courts rejected or suggested disapproval of the Commission’s early
    requirement that OSHA prove actual exposure.

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