Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-30

  • I just read July’s ASHRAE Journal. Unfortunately, there’s no column from Joe Lstiburek this month! #
  • Here is a list of countries where #asbestos is banned: When will the U.S. join this list? #
  • I’m attending a LEED for Homes seminar in Chicago tonight. Anyone interested in going? #
  • “Cat or dog exposure in the first 5 years was associated with a decreased risk of any #allergen sensitisation” #allergies #
  • … Although exposure to cat allergens early in life increased the risk of late childhood asthma #
  • Cat exposure in the first year of life is an independent risk factor for current wheezing, current asthma at the age of 7 #
  • Significantly lower amounts of dust mite #allergen were found on hard flooring when compared to carpeting #
  • I just received this month’s IE Connections and Indoor Air Journal. Lots of reading to do! #
  • I’m trying to translate an indoor air quality document from Finland. The quotes I received are exorbitant. Anyone know #Finnish #
  • Which is better, indoor air or outdoor air? My latest blog post: #iaq #indoorairquality #

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