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Twitter updates from week ending 2012-03-08

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  • New WHO document:
    Environmental burden of disease
    associated with inadequate housing: ->
  • I'm back in town after attending #IAQA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. Thanks to my two co-presenters, Ben Kollmeyer and Elliott Horner ->
  • #IAQA Luke Gard presentation. Found statistically significant reduction of cat allergen only with HEPA vacuuming. ->
  • #IAQA Moldy homes don't necessarily predict endotoxin levels in dust. ->
  • #IAQA Cultural air samples for bacteria should be shipped cool, not cold. Don't stress the organism! ->
  • #IAQA Jason Dobranic presentation… In general bacteria outnumber fungi in the Indoor Air. ->
  • #IAQA Spore traps lack accuracy and precision. Only two people in the room say they do regular viable sampling. ->
  • #IAQA Lab variability with spore trap analysis is frightening. 10 times difference with labs looking at the same slide! ->
  • #IAQA #acca12 Larry Robertson giving a great presentation on spore traps. ->
  • At legal session by Steven Mandell. The courts now accept that mold causes health effects. VOCs are not as straight forward. ->
  • I'm at the Indoor Air Quality Association Annual Meeting. I'll send out a few tweets under #iaqa12 ->

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