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  • Pregnant women in the U.S. are exposed to multiple chemicals. Excellent research article: ->
  • Current evidence does not support measuring specific indoor microbiologic factors to guide health-protective actions ->
  • Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health: via @NASciences ->
  • I'm just about to fly out of Texas. Keep up with the tweets so i can follow along with the action. Great conference! #indoorair2011 ->
  • "We need a IEQ professional practice degree" -Andy Ask. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Andy Ask advocates 7 years of formal education for practicing professions related to indoor environments. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Attending a session on the professional practice of IEQ consulting. After this i have to fly back home. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Filtration of outdoor air entering buildings may be feasible to reduce exposures and health effects in specific applications. #indoorair2011 ->
  • "Indoor air = Outdoor air (with exceptions )" #indoorair2011 ->
  • "43 chemicals found in virtually every pregnant woman" #indoorair2011 ->
  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals found in dust and targets children. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Im the session chair for odors! come one come all! Room 18. #indoorair2011 ->
  • High ERMI score at age 1 increases risk for asthma at age 7 (2.6 times). #indoorair2011 ->
  • Increased risk of asthma for high visible mold with young children. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Endotoxin and fungi have synergistic effect on health. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Mark Mendell presentation- quantitative sampling of microorganisms not able to identify causal relationship with symptoms. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Presenter with T-shirt… "keep it simple, clean, and dry and ventilate" #indoorair2011 ->
  • Assessments esp. needed when patients don't respond to regular treatments or they are needed year round. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Medical treatments don't address the underlying problem in environmentally induced allergies and asthma #indoorair2011 ->
  • Attending workshop on physician informed indoor environmental assessments by Grimes and others. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Question for Joe… "What are your thoughts on natural ventilation?" #indoorair2011 ->
  • In Chinese study, 84% preferred naturally ventilated building. #indoorair2011 ->
  • People have a wider comfort range in naturally ventilated buildings. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Next plenary session from Dr. Yingxin Zhu, an expert on thermal comfort. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Joe promoting sealed combustion appliances. You don't need a hole in the wall for combustion air. #indoorair2011 ->
  • You need to seal the return ducts to not kill anyone from carbon monoxide. #indoorair2011 ->
  • The cost of fixing a leaky building is less than testing the building. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Blower doors only calculate equivalent leakage area. You don't know where it's coming from. #indoorair2011 ->
  • Joe Lstiburek offends Texans in first 10 seconds of his presentation! #indoorair2011 ->

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