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Twitter updates from week ending 2011-02-17

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  • School district installed extensions to sewer vents on roof to prevent gases from being pulled back in. #iaqa2011 ->
  • "ozone requires high levels to be effective, 9-12 ppm" #iaqa2011 ->
  • I just finished an IAQA board meeting, heading to the expo hall #iaqa2011 ->
  • Thanks EMSL for a great party. Checked out the San Antonio River Walk with Andy Ask. Time for bed… presentation tomorrow. #iaqa2011 ->
  • resources on mcs /tilt toxicant induced loss of tolerance. #iaqa2011 ->
  • A hallmark symptom of gulf war syndrome is inability to drink alcohol. Speaker talking about loss of chemical tolerance. #iaqa2011 ->
  • MCS in most cases "your guess is as good as mine"… symptoms are non specific. #iaqa2011 ->
  • Manufactured housing units that were aired out… 375 passed and 1 failed. #iaqa2011 ->
  • Composite wood panels aired out for 3 weeks. Sheet vinyl and plastic wall panels for 3 days #iaqa2011 ->
  • Many manufactured housing units are able to achieve low levels of formaldehyde (below 16 ppb) #iaqa2011 ->
  • Elliot Horner describing how to air out plywood before being used for manufactured housing. #iaqa2010 ->
  • FEMA uses NIOSH'S limit of 16ppb of formaldehyde #iaqa2011 ->
  • Despite formaldehyde problems, advantages to modular housing… Tighter QC, stronger, dry, resource efficient, faster, etc.. #iaqa2011 ->
  • Formaldehyde background up to 30 ppb #iaqa2011 ->
  • Done with technical sessions for the day at IAQA's Annual Meeting, heading to the expo hall. #iaqa2011 ->
  • First question I ask for a home health assessment, "Are you under a doctor's care?" -Carl Grimes #iaqa2011 ->
  • "When assessing the indoor environment, put people first" #iaqa2011 ->
  • Microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs) greater than 8 ng/l indicate mold growth. Speaker recommends using sorbent tubes #iaqa2011 ->
  • Where are fragrances worst? Middle school where the whole bottle gets used #iaqa2011 ->
  • Folk belief in some communities that asthma will "transfer" to Chihuahua dogs! #iaqa2011 ->
  • "Watch your facial expressions" when doing a home health assessment in someone's house. #iaqa2011 ->
  • The future of sampling is microarray… "lab on a chip". Not commercially available, qualitative only. Star Trek scan of air. #iaqa2011 ->
  • "Wood rot fungi doesn't release a lot of spores" therefore not a huge IAQ issue. #iaqa2011 ->
  • OSB board can have little surface contamination, yet have lots of interior mold growth. "Eating it from the inside out." #iaqa2011 ->
  • "Wood rot is not mold (micro fungi). They have special enzymes" #iaqa2011 ->
  • "OSB holds on to water longer than plywood" #iaqa2011 ->
  • Presentation "fungal ecology of engineered wood" by Jason Dobranic, PhD #iaqa2011 ->
  • Spore release appears greatest in low relative humidity #iaqa2011 ->

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