Twitter updates from week ending 2010-12-16

  • I just purchased the book: Water In Buildings: An Architect's Guide To Moisture And Mold by Bill Rose. Has anyone read it? ->
  • AIHA Responds to USA Today Article on Consumer's Use of XRF to Detect Lead in Toys ->
  • My latest blog post…. Ventilation with Economizers: ->
  • Free 47-page PDF on attic air sealing written by Joe Lstiburek: ->
  • I just renewed my USGBC, AIHA, IAQA and ISIAQ memberships. Sheesh, at least my ASHRAE renewal doesn't land on the same month! ->
  • Do you own the book, Indoor Air Quality Guide by ASHRAE? If not, get the book + CD for $29. Price goes up soon. ->
  • Presentation on Dec. 15 discussing the health affects of particles generated by candles, cooking, incense & more: ->
  • I just started an ENERGY STAR verification for a commercial building on Chicago's beautiful Michigan Avenue. ->
  • Did the Surgeon General really need 727 pages to address how tobacco smoke causes disease? ->
  • Paper Money Contaminated by More Than BPA: ->

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