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Twitter updates from week ending 2010-10-07

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  • Federal Trade Commission Proposes Revised "Green Guides" ->
  • About to virtually attend the annual general meeting for #ISIAQ (International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate) ->
  • Presentation about the new @NIOSH assessment tool for dampness and mold at the Federal CIAQ meeting Oct 13. Agenda: ->
  • Library trip for "Illustrated genera of imperfect fungi" but as a reference book, I couldn't check it out. I'm sure 1000's would miss it! ->
  • Think you know about temperature and condensation? You'll learn a thing or two in my latest blog post: ->
  • If you've ever wanted an infrared camera, now is the time to buy. Flir i7 is a pretty good camera now selling for $1,995. ->
  • I have a pile of reading to do… new publications from ASHRAE, IAQA, AIHA, ISIAQ and @EHPonline. ->

By Ian Cull

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