Bah Humbug! to ventless fireplaces

While opening up Christmas cards from various friends and companies, I came across the pictured holiday card. I’m sure when most people saw the card, their hearts were filled with good holiday cheer. They were certainly touched to find out that a 7th grader submitted this idillic Christmas scene to a local art contest.

What does the Indoor Air Nerd think? Bah! Humbug! Did you notice that fire place doesn’t have chimney? That means all the combustion products will enter directly into the home. These include: Continue reading

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is combustion by-product that can often be deadly.  With power outages on the east coast from weekend storms, undoubtedly many people will run out and purchase power generators.   Also undoubtedly, some of these generators will be stolen by jealous neighbors who didn’t make it to the hardware store before they sold out.

How do you prevent your generator from being stolen?  Let me give you some clear advice on what NOT to do. Continue reading