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Each month we publish a newsletter titled IAQ Website of the Month.  The excerpt below was originally published in the October 2011 newsletter.

In case you have missed the marketing blitz, the Indoor Air Quality Association launched the “IAQA University” in June this year. The IAQA University has 50 one-hour classes on a wide range of topics related to the indoor environment.

This month’s featured website is a bit of self-promotion, as I am the primary author of these 50 online classes. These one-hour classes are available 24/7 on the IAQA website. Below is a full listing of classes (grouped by subject). The classes can be taken individually or in the groups below. I have included the group pricing below for IAQA members/non-members:

IAQ Overview ($243/$405)
Introduction to IAQ
IAQ and Health
Building Related Illness
Preventing IAQ Problems I
Preventing IAQ Problems II
IAQ Management
Handling IAQ Complaints
Regulations, Standards and Guidelines
Exposure Guidelines

The Fundamentals of IAQ Contaminants ($216/$360)
Carbon Monoxide
Other IAQ Contaminants

HVAC ($216/$360)
Residential HVAC Systems
Commercial HVAC Systems
Media Filtration
Air Cleaning
Ventilation Standards
HVAC and Humidity
HVAC Maintenance and Hygiene

Building Science ($117/$195)
Introduction to Psychrometrics
Using the Psychrometric Chart
Managing Moisture I
Managing Moisture II

Assessments ($175.50/$292.50)
Gathering Information
Walk Through Inspections
Assessing Temperature and RH
Assessing Ventilation and Pressurization
Assessing Moisture
Introduction to Sampling and Report Writing

Sampling IAQ Contaminants ($243/$405)
Air Sampling for Mold I
Air Sampling for Mold II
Surface Sampling for Mold
Other Sampling for Mold
Sampling for Bacteria
Sampling for Allergens
Measuring Particulate Matter
Measuring VOCs
Measuring Carbon Monoxide

Mold Remediation ($175.50/$292.50)
Introduction to Mold Remediation
Personal Protective Equipment
Engineering Controls
Contaminant Removal
Antimicrobial Use
Remediation Plans and Verification

If you are crazy enough, IAQA members can take all 50 classes for $1,125!

Contact the IAQA at 301-231-8388 or visit the IAQA’s website for more information.

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