Fungal Glossaries, Part II

Each month we publish a newsletter titled IAQ Website of the Month.  The excerpt below was originally published in the June 2013 newsletter. 

Last month I featured websites from commercial laboratories having online fungal glossaries. These glossaries list out groupings of mold and describe characteristics such as color, size, structure, required water activity, desired nutrients, and known health effects.  Last month we featured glossaries from commercial laboratories and this month I’m featuring glossaries from other online sources.

Below is an alphabetical list of online fungal glossaries:

Between the six websites I provided last month and the additional five above, you have all the needed resources to thoroughly research common groupings of mold. The next time you come across an unfamiliar species, I recommend you check out all 11 websites.  You’ll soon identify the glossaries that provide the most comprehensive and valuable information.

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