IAQ Website of the Month

6,000+ page website dedicated to… Aspergillus

Each month we publish a newsletter titled IAQ Website of the Month. The excerpt below was originally published in the June 2010 newsletter.

Although Stachybotrys is the genus of mold that captures the headlines, you won’t find a six-thousand-page website dedicated to it.  That distinction belongs to another mold, Aspergillus.

Aspergillus, is a common genus of mold known for its practical uses (soy sauce, soft drinks) and serious effects on human health (aspergillosis).

This month’s featured website is a massive hub for all information related to Aspergillus.  The “Aspergillus Website” is owned and funded in part by the Fungal Research Trust, based in Manchester, UK.

Here are five sections of the website that I find of interest: