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I have some exciting news to share.  I have just been appointed as the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Technical Director.  This is a brand new position that was created by the association’s Board of Directors to coordinate the technical committees and contribute to publications, among other activities.  The most important responsibility of this new position is to oversee the launching of IAQA University.

The IAQA University will have classes for everyone: those wanting to learn a little about indoor air quality all the way up to industry professionals seeking continuing education credits.  Classes will predominately be online, but it is anticipated they will also be taught through the IAQA local chapters and perhaps as a pre-conference program before the annual meeting.

The IAQA University will go live in early summer.  It will initially be seeded with 50 short classes one-hour in length on a wide range of topics.  These classes will be at the  “100-level,” with future plans to expand the breadth and depth of offerings.  As time goes on, more 100 level classes will be added as well as 200 and 300 level classes.  I will be contributing a lot of content, but subject matter experts will also be tapped for higher level classes.

So what’s going to happen to this blog?  I will serving as Technical Director with half of my time.  In the other half I will still contribute to this blog, consult in the Chicagoland area, and educate the world about indoor air quality.  My blog posts may come out less frequently, but I’m committed to sharing great information with my readers.

4 thoughts on “IAQA Technical Director

  1. Great news! And congratulations on new appointment – must say I’m enjoying the info you send and so is the government team – PLEASE don’t stop… 🙂 Your Bermuda Connection, g

  2. Congratulations on your new appt.! The New Hampshire NGBS green home is shaping up.
    The HVAC guy took your advice on separate bath fans from the HRV and we’ll let you know how the
    Energy Star rating & iaq testing turns out in the spring.
    Your Website of the month and blog are great. Keep it going. Former Boston student. Lynn

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